Top 5 songs by Burna boy

Burna Boy's top 5 songs

Burna Boy, one of Nigeria's finest rap artist is among those who are redefining and repositioning Afro pop in this era.

So today, we take a look at Burna Boy's top 5 songs

  1. Real life featuring Stormy: Real life by Burna Boy is one of his hottest track with over 11 million views. British rap Artist Stormy was featured in the song with a primary message of encouraging youth to stay away from drugs and it's related violence.
  2. Monsters you made : this is another trending song by Burna Boy since its official release. The official video of Monsters You Made by Burna Boy has a whooping 9.3 views since its release 4 months ago.

Nigerians say they find it easy to identify with the song as it's a reflection of the economy.

  1. Level Up: Level Up is definately one of Burna Boys most loved tracks from his Album titled Twice As Tall.

In the song, he expressed his disappointment regarding his Oscar nomination that did not lead to a win. He however made it clear that he was leveling up to the challenge this time.

  1. Way to Big : Way to Big is presently the latest of Burna Boys video release with over  2.4 million views just after 2 weeks.

The music video was captivating and full of life and Burna Boy's energy as usual.

  1. Bank on it: This is currently one of the sweetest sensation of rap in style. Bank on it quickly become an anthem after it was published. No wonder it has over than 2.4 million views.

Do you feel there are some of Burna Boys songs we left out? Please feel free to share in your comments 

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